NALAN is a legendary chef and king from Indian mythology, famed as much for his righteousness as for his culinary skills. NALAN is not just the inspiration for our name, but it also defines the underlying ethos of our food: freshly made-to-order, using the finest ingredients, and maintaining the authenticity of the original time-honoured recipes from North and South India .

One of the Singaporeโ€™s leading vegetarian restaurants, NALAN specialises in incredibly healthy preparations filled with the best of nature’s goodness, while still pandering to all the five senses. The love and attention we lavish upon every serving rejuvenates your body and mind, and our carefully curated menu tantalises the palate with its amazing variety of Indian vegetarian cuisine from all across the sub-continent .NALANโ€™s skilled chefs are able to accommodate almost any dietary restrictions or food allergy without sacrificing taste or quality.

So come on down to NALAN, and let the real flavours of India permeate your very soul. Eat Healthier, Be Happier and Live Longer!


Eat Healthier! Be Happier! Live Longer!

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